The proper way to handle finding out that your coworkers makes more

Business Etiquette: How to Ask for a Raise

Ask the Etiquette Expert Q: A coworker just shared her salary in confidence and it’s significantly more than mine, even though we have similar jobs and she hasn't been here as long. How do I bring this up to my boss? -R.S. A: Dear R.S., Before talking to anyone, take a step back and assess the situation. There could be several reasons your coworker is earning a higher salary. She may have proven herself to be a superstar with exceptional skills and job performance. Or, she might have negotiated a ... [ Read More ]

Destination Wedding Etiquette tips when preparing for your big day

Destination Wedding Etiquette

Your partner popped the question, and you've shared the news of your engagement with your overjoyed friends and family. Now the real decisions begin: setting a date, choosing a location, deciding on your guest list and countless other options rapidly ... [ Read More ]

Dating Etiquette for first dates

Dating Etiquette: Relationship Deal Breakers

When it comes to relationships, we all have lines that must not be crossed. There are several offenses that are early signs of a doomed date. I recently posted a question on my Protocol School of Texas Facebook page, asking readers about their number ... [ Read More ]

Cold and Flu Season Etiquette Tips

Cold and Flu Season Etiquette 2015

It’s that time of year again…back to work and the kids are back in school after a busy holiday. My two teens both came home sick the first week after a long winter break. Like most families, we pass cough drops around on a regular basis. Germs and ... [ Read More ]

Favorite Tools for Staying Organized

Organize Your Life: Eight Planning Tips & Tools

Staying on top of daily to do’s, quarterly goals, and business events requires efficient planning and follow-through. Here are a few of my favorite ways to keep things in balance: Commit to tracking deadlines, appointments and other obligations. ... [ Read More ]

Etiquette Expert Diane Gottsman shares Business Etiquette Tips

Five Ways Women Sabotage Their Career

I was recently invited to speak at a women’s conference on the topic of What Women Do To Sabotage Their Career. I have worked in the corporate industry as an etiquette expert and leadership trainer for over 15 years and have had the opportunity to ... [ Read More ]

The proper way to write a Thank You Note after a job interview.

Thank You Note Etiquette After the Job Interview

There are many ways to set yourself apart during a job interview. Careful planning and research are a part of a good review. But the interview is not over when you shake hands to leave. A thoughtful thank you note reminds the interviewer of your ... [ Read More ]

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