Career Advice: What Employees Value in a Great Boss

Traits Employees Value in a Great Boss

When you ask someone about their dream boss, they usually have plenty of stories to tell about the exact opposite – a nightmare manager. One that does not make eye contact, or walks into the office whistling a happy tune and within minutes is screaming about a random issue. A recent Gallup survey of 7,200 adults found that approximately 50% of employees left a job at some point “to get away from their supervisor.” Here are a few standout qualities to keep in mind as you set out to build your own talented ... [ Read More ]

Technology Etiquette for Kids

Technology Etiquette for Kids

As parents, it’s a top priority to guide your children through the safety hazards that are only a few taps away. A topic to also include in the discussion is the necessity of good online manners. Every post, message, and Instagram photo tells the ... [ Read More ]

How to Handle Grief

How to Help a Grieving Friend

It is an unfortunate fact of life; people we know and often love will pass away, sometimes unexpectedly. When comforting a friend, colleague or family member over their recent loss, it’s not unusual to hesitate a bit as you seek out a way to ... [ Read More ]

Dining Etiquette Quiz

Dining Etiquette Quiz

Today I’m answering a few commonly asked dining etiquette questions. Take this short quiz and see how you score. For the detailed answers, watch our Fox Austin video. 1. What is a serviette? A charger A soup bowl A table napkin 2. Where ... [ Read More ]

Career Advice: Traits of a Good Leader

6 Traits of a Good Leader

There are some who seem to have the uncanny ability to inspire others to do their best. People are drawn to them, will move mountains for them, and hang on to their every word. They are trusted and considered experts in their field and innovators in ... [ Read More ]

Etiquette expert and modern manners authority Diane Gottsman shares her business etiquette tips on how to thrive at your first job.

Thriving at Your First Job

I’m frequently approached by university students after my etiquette sessions who are anxiously preparing for their first job in the professional arena. Their expectations are hopeful and their enthusiasm is inspiring. I enjoy sharing my ... [ Read More ]

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