Wedding Etiquette: Commonly Asked Questions: Part I

There is never a lull when it comes to wedding questions and I’m addressing a few that we have recently received. There are many more, so stay tuned for the next increment of questions soon… Let’s get started: How long do I have to RSVP to a wedding invitation?  The practical answer is to respond as soon as possible, giving the wedding planner enough time to plan accordingly. The best case scenario would be to respond within a week of receiving the invitation. If we haven’t heard from several invitees, is ... [ Read More ]

Easter eggs

Easter Greetings

Here is a look into my Easter basket this year. The eggs were colored by my kids when they were younger.  I would love to see a picture of what's in your basket. Please share it with me on my Facebook page. I would also like to introduce a ... [ Read More ]


Summer Makeup Bag Essentials

With summer right around the corner, every girl needs a well stocked makeup bag to get through the hot days and balmy nights, all while looking flawless. Here's my list of items to make sure and include. Visit my Pinterest Board, Summer Makeup ... [ Read More ]

Moon Mippy Stationary, Diane Gottsman

Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby showers are a wonderful way for friends and family to come together to celebrate an upcoming birth, and honor the mom-to-be. If you are hosting the shower, here are a few tips to help you throw a successful party: Consider the expectant ... [ Read More ]

Elevator Etiquette: Being a Courteous Passenger

Cramped in a small, moving space with strangers calls for a special code of conduct. Follow these tips to keep the elevator moving smoothly and your fellow passengers comfortable. Don’t crowd the doors. Let others exit before attempting to enter. ... [ Read More ]

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