Interview Etiquette: How to Ask for a Job Reference

Interview Etiquette: How to Ask for a Job Reference

In a job search, strong references can help land the offer, while weak ones can derail your quest regardless of how impressive your resume, interview and follow up have been. When you are in the position of needing good references, there are a few etiquette rules to keep in mind to make sure the experience works well for everyone involved: the job candidate, the reference, and the hiring manager. Here are five tips to ensure that your references work in your favor during the interview process:   Make a short ... [ Read More ]

Handling Jealousy in the Office

Business Etiquette: 5 Tips to Handling Office Jealousy

When a colleague gets a promotion or lands a new client, the celebration may be dulled by the little voice inside your head that says, “She has all the luck.” Professional jealousy can drain your energy, lower your productivity, and raise your stress ... [ Read More ]

Technology Etiquette Tips

Digital Detox: Tips for Unplugging

If having your smartphone out of sight leaves you panicky and out of sorts, you are not alone. In a new study from the University of Missouri, researchers moved smartphones away from study participants to the other side of the room. The simple act of ... [ Read More ]

Valentine's Day Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette: What Is a Service Plate?

This morning on We Are Austin (KEYE-TV, CBS) Chris Saldana, Allison Miller and I discussed awkward Valentine's Day dining moments. After the show we received several follow up questions, and a few regarding a “service plate”. While we didn't have one ... [ Read More ]

Business Meeting Strategies for introverts

Business Etiquette: Meeting Strategies for Introverts

In almost any meeting in the office, you will find individuals who have little or no reservations about tossing out their ideas full throttle. For many, especially those with more reserved personality traits, this environment can become a test of ... [ Read More ]

Sharing the gift of love on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Spotlight on Hope for HumaNS

I was invited to an informal dinner at my girlfriend’s home this past week where I met a fascinating woman named Suzanne Gazda, a prominent neurologist in the city. There was instantly something special about Dr. Gazda, a.k.a. “Suzy”. She asked ... [ Read More ]

Tips for Valentine's Day Etiquette when hanging out with your girlfriends

A Girlfriends’ Brunch: Valentine’s Day Etiquette

There are few things sweeter than the love and support of our friends, and no better time than Valentine’s Day to honor our girlfriends with a Valentine’s Brunch. Here are a few of my tips for making this Valentine's Day one to remember with your ... [ Read More ]

Super Bowl Party Etiquette

Super Bowl Party Etiquette

Super Bowl is this Sunday and you are most likely hosting or attending a football bash. Here are a few Super Bowl Party Etiquette tips to keep the festivities going strong: Don’t arrive empty handed. Call ahead and ask what you can bring. Your ... [ Read More ]

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