Graduation thoughts: 3 Things I'd Like to Tell My Son

High School Graduation: 3 Things I’d Like to Tell My Son

To my son... on your graduation today... I love you so much I could cry (and I do). I know… I know… you say I cry too much. But you will find out someday what it feels like to be so proud of your child that you tear up with pride over their noodle artwork that you secretly have to glue back together and re-glitter from time to time. You will be elated with their hand made birthday cards, chock full of misspellings that you find adorable. You will be thrilled with their crayon crafted family portraits where ... [ Read More ]

Reason to Care What People Think About You

5 Good Reasons to Care What People Think About You

We have all heard someone proudly declare, “I don’t care what other people think of me.” And, under some but not all circumstances, I completely agree.  A leader must confidently take a stand, make a decision, and do what is in the best interest of ... [ Read More ]

Difference between a graduation invitation and announcement

Graduation Etiquette: Announcement Versus Invitation

Soon to be graduates and their family are pressed for time, scurrying to address every detail of this exciting occasion. One of the biggest tasks they must consider is who to invite to the actual graduation ceremony, and who receives an announcement. ... [ Read More ]

How to Handle a Friendship Break Up

How to Handle a Friendship Break Up

When a friendship shows signs of falling apart, it can be an emotionally charged situation. After being close to someone and then encountering an incident where trust has been lost, or feelings hurt, a sense of betrayal, even anger, is perfectly ... [ Read More ]

Mother's Day Etiquette

Mother’s Day Etiquette

A memorable Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be elaborate; the simple sentiments often make the biggest impression on mom.  Why not express your admiration in writing and give her the gift of your undivided attention (whether at a sweet brunch or via ... [ Read More ]

Travel Etiquette: What to Pack in Your Carry-on Bag

Travel Etiquette: What to Pack in Your Carry-on Bag

A successful travel experience depends on how you handle the important details. Being prepared for the unexpected will serve you well, especially in the case of a canceled or delayed flight. When you receive notification of the change of plans, ... [ Read More ]

Hosting a Kentucky Derby Party

Hosting a Kentucky Derby Party

Whether you are planning a trip to Louisville, Kentucky this weekend, or staying back and wearing a Derby-inspired outfit, here are a few party tips on hosting a Kentucky Derby celebration. Serve a Kentucky feast. You will be the belle of the ... [ Read More ]

Garland of the Roses

The Kentucky Derby’s Legendary Garlands

Whether you plan to take a trip to Louisville, Kentucky to catch the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby on May 2, or choose to enjoy the race from home, I suggest you take a moment to appreciate the beautiful winning garlands awarded to the first ... [ Read More ]

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