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A prestigious degree is a door opener; however, a young executive must offer something more than basic technical knowledge. Business relationships are developed in a variety of situations, including lunches, receptions, dinners and fundraisers. Do your students have the tools they need to stand out?
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Corporate Etiquette
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Polished executives are individuals who know the value of executive intelligence (social skills). Studies have shown that 85% of job success is based on the ability to put others at ease, leaving only 15% of a person’s job success to technical knowledge. Can you afford to take the chance? 
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“Diane is a fantastic presenter. Her style is so easy that I’ve been able to use what she taught us without even thinking about it. Diane presents the concepts in such a natural way that it becomes effortless to execute proper business etiquette.”

Colleen McLaughlin
Senior Program Coordinator. Harvard Business School – Executive Education